Thursday, September 11, 2014

Getting Started

Getting started is always the hardest part of anything for me. It could be one of twenty different things holding me back, but usually once I dive in, I get into a groove and before I know it, the chore is done, the paper is written, the email sent, the bills paid. 

Such has been the case with starting this blog. I've written at Natural Nester since 2010, but knew I wanted to close up shop there and pursue something different with this space. I reserved my spot here at My Sacred Sojourn and then...nothing. I kept waiting for the perfect post idea for starting this new endeavor, but I was stumped. So, here it is...a faltering, lurching attempt. But like every load of laundry, decorating project, or vague writing idea, I'll get into the groove. 

My vision for this little online journal is to share some very specific things that are near and dear to my heart. Here are a few things on my mind:
  • Breaking Bread/Hospitality: The importance and how-to of inviting people into our sacred home environments
  • Spirituality at Home: Creating a home environment that facilitates heart connections with Christ
  • Intentional Parenting: How parents can be intentional in how we interact with our children
So, why "My Sacred Sojourn"? I believe that every moment we live is sacred, whether we acknowledge and recognize that or not. We are constantly being pursued by the Significant One...God of Heaven and Earth. And His presence makes each ordinary moment something sacred. So, this journey that I'm on, the one of loving my husband and children, of sharing my home with family and friends, of laundry, cleaning and cooking, of teaching preschool and reading's all sacred. 

My hope is that what is shared here will encourage your heart, awaken you to the sacred everyday moments and help you grow in your relationship with God and people.

Blessings to you, Friend. I'm glad you're joining me on My Sacred Sojourn.


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