Thursday, February 12, 2015

2015 Reading Goals: January Review

I shared back in January that my goal was to read 12-15 books this year over a variety of topics. So far, I've finished two books and wanted to give a quick recap, mainly so I  can track my progress. Nearly all of these I've downloaded for my Kindle for free on Amazon.

My first book of the year was Paleo for Beginners. I downloaded it because I'm planning to go Paleo after we get moved to see if it helps with some health issues. It had a lot of information (most was not new to me) and also had 14 days worth of menus and recipes that I'll be able to draw on for ideas. It was a quick read and good if you want a basic overview of what the paleo lifestyle is.

The second book I read was Once Upon a Summer by Janette Oke. It was also a free Kindle book on Amazon. As a kid, I read a lot of Janette Oke books and remembered loving them. This time around, I was less enthused. It was a quick, mindless read, but I was hoping for more complex characters and the ending was anti-climatic.

And, in an attempt to make up for the Janette Oke book, I also downloaded The Covenant by Beverly Lewis. I hadn't heard of this author and wanted a fiction book to fill time on these cold evenings we've had. But I just couldn't get into it. It started out soooo slooooow and I just couldn't get into the story, culture or characters. I'm not planning to finish this one. There are a lot of other books I've downloaded that I'm actually excited to read and this isn't one of them. ;)

Currently, I'm reading The Seasons On Henry's Farm. I've read this book before and loved it so much I'm reading it again. It walks through 52 weeks on a sustainable, organic farm in central Illinois. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in farming or gardening. It's a quick read, but includes a ton of information, some recipes and rich descriptions.

And I just started The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown. I'm going to have an entire post dedicated to this book when I finish it. It goes along perfectly with my One Little Word for 2015 (Brave) and I'm so excited by what I've read so far. It resonates with my heart at deep levels.

So that's my progress so far...two down, at least 10-13 more to go, but I am loving this project. I love to read and having a list of topics to work from (and discovering free Kindle books on Amazon) has made this so much easier.


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