Sunday, April 12, 2015

5 Pinterest Projects in 5 Days

This is going to be a great week, don't you think?? The weather here is supposed to be a bit warmer, and I'm feeling crazy motivated to get some springtime life and brightness into our home. I decided to tackle 5 Pinterest Projects in 5 Days, based on some cute things I've seen lately. I figured, it's time to stop pinning and start doing!

Each day this week, I'll share a different completed project. The following photos are from the pin that inspire me and I'll share my process and completed photos in each Project Post.

Lamp Makeover
I have a lamp in desperate need of an update. I love the spray paint she use on this project...maybe I'll choose that too?
via {Homemaker in Heels}

Roman Shade for our bedroom
This will be my 2nd attempt at making a roman shade. This tutorial is very thorough and I'm hoping mine won't look like a sack of potatoes when I'm done. ;)
Via {Satori Design for Living}

Fabric Covered Storage Bins
Have you priced storage bins lately? Ugh. NOT cheap! And in this house, we're in need of some easy storage solutions. So, I'm on a mission and this seems to fit the bill.
Via {I Heart Organizing}

Watercolor Painted Fabric
When Cami posted these, I knew we had to try this! I have NO idea what I'll do with the fabric after we paint it, but it's too pretty to let this one pass us by!
Via {Ella Claire}

Tom's Shoes Makeover
Disclaimer: My shoes aren't Tom's. I picked them up at Target a couple of years ago and I LOVE them. But I either need to do a makeover or toss them in the garbage. So, makeover it is!

Via {Elemental Carbon}
Looks like it'll be a week full of creativity here! What do you have planned? Anything fun?


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