Sunday, May 24, 2015

Day of Rest

I'm sitting here at the kitchen table, staring out the window at our lush (read: overgrown) back yard. The rain has been kind to the grass, shrubs, flowers and weeds. The honeysuckle vine is flowering now, cascades of tiny yellow and white blooms pouring out of a dark corner of the yard. I would go out and shoot a pic for you, but it's raining again and I see that the birds are taking shelter in the giant maple and battered old pine tree.

My husband is cooking bacon. I hear the splatters of the fat popping in the skillet. I wish I could smell it, but I'm on Day TEN of what seems to be a sinus infection, so I can't smell a thing. #sendkleenex ;) I don't know if BLT sammies are going to bring health, but it's an easy dinner for this lazy Sunday.

The kids are in the living room, playing on the sleeper sofa. Being the awesome dad that he is, Michael pulled out the bed, let them bring all their blankets and pillows down from their rooms, and enjoy a restful Sunday, snuggled up with each other and My Little Pony on Netflix. ;)

I hope this week brings...
...healing to my sinuses.
...more completed projects in the guest room.
...a successful "batch cooking" day. (I'll fill you in on the details on Tuesday.) and snuggles with my kids and husband.
...a good "fit" for me in the ladies small group I'm joining at church.
...SUNSHINE. Please oh Lord, let there be sunshine. Pretty please!

What are your hopes for this week?


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