Monday, May 18, 2015

Reupholstered $10 Chair

A few weeks ago, we found a GREAT yard sale. The kind where the prices are so great that you end up just making a pile and having your husband stand guard. ;) On the way to the checkout, Michael said, "Did you see those chairs?" Well, NO I didn't, thankyouverymuch for pointing those out! We came home with several decor items, a push reel mower and THREE upholstered chairs. Score!

I paid $10 for this chair. While my sister-in-law was here, she helped me reupholster it. Our first stop was Joann Fabric & Crafts for supplies. I paid $52 for fabric, staples, trim and the staple remover pictured below. I bought 5 yards of 44" wide upholstery fabric ($6.99 per yard) and had over a yard leftover to make throw pillows for the sofa. :)

Late night Instagram photo...we pulled staples for over 2 hours the first night and both woke up with sore wrists. Take breaks!!

This is not a tutorial on how to reupholster a chair. There are a bunch of other sites that are way better at explaining that than I can. I just wanted to share pics of the process and a few tips, in case you attempt this on your own.

  • You need the right tools. Invest a few dollars in one of these staple removers. It was only $10 and worth every penny and more! If you have an electric stapler, that would be awesome too. I used an "easy tacker" which was way easier than the big, heavy silver staple guns. (Not affiliate links.)
Heavy Duty Staple Remover
Easy Tacker Staple Gun

  • Work in an area that's easy to clean. We laid a blanket on the floor of the living room and worked on that. This kept most of the dust and staples from getting into the carpet. (We had a cup to put staples in, but they still got everywhere.) It would've been better to work on it in our craft room where I could just sweep up the mess, though.
  • Take LOTS of pictures and notes. When everything is disassembled, you will NOT remember how it was put together. Ask me how I know. ;) You'll need to look back at these to what order pieces were attached and how seams were hidden.

I called this "dry fitting" the fabric. We pushed and pulled it into place before stapling anything. This is the most accurate photo of the fabric's colors.
  •  Label all your pieces really well. When you pull the fabric off, you use it to as a pattern for your new fabric. Label the back of the old fabric pattern with EXACTLY where it was: Inside Right Arm, Outside Left Arm, Bottom Front Trim, etc. Also label the directions with arrows for directionality.

I'm so glad my sister-in-law was here to help me because I might have given up about halfway through. I don't think it was necessarily hard to do, but was just really tedious. Removing all the staples and fabric layers took quite awhile. In total, it took 7 hours of working together to finish this.

I'm so happy with how this chair turned out! I love the fabric. It took Jess and I quite awhile to find a fabric that I loved and that matched my frugal budget (I didn't want to spend more than $10 per yard.) But I love what we chose and will use this chair for a long time. Plus, it's super comfy!! Perfect for a morning cup of tea, my journal and time with the Lord. Bring it on!

Have you done an upholstery project before? I'd love to hear your tips or suggestions!


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