Thursday, June 2, 2016

Sharing Your Truth

When I was in middle school, our youth group went to some sort of youth conference. I don't remember many details except that it was crowded, and loud. And I remember the speaker going on and on about "absolute truth", the idea that truth is in no way subjective. What's true for one is true for all. If something is wrong in one situation, it's always wrong. That sort of thing.

And I'm really not going to argue that point with this post. I've learned a lot about "truth" in recent years and if I tried to type it all out, it would be book length and probably not make as much sense as if you and I just sat over a cup of tea and chatted.

But I was thinking this week about my "current truth" experience. About what I'm learning right now in my walk with the Lord and my journey through this life. I've noticed that any time someone is learning something, they want everyone to know it and embrace it as their own truth. They want to share that new found wisdom with the world. And I think that's a good thing....I really do. It's how we stay connected and grow together, by sharing our truth.

Right now I feel like I want to shout it from the mountaintops that you will have far less stress and far more joy by owning less, by jettisoning every unnecessary possession from your physical space and canceling every unnecessary event from your schedule. Because that's my current truth. It's the journey I'm on right now, the journey to finding contentment, REAL peace in not just owning less, but also in not wanting more. 

But I've also learned that mercy triumphs over judgment. And while judgment flies over gorillas and mothers, over GMOs and pharmaceutical companies and every other little thing that exists in our world, it's important to choose mercy. To align myself on the side of love and grace. Sometimes (maybe even most times?!) it's more important to choose grace and mercy over being right or being heard or clenching my fists around my own dogma.

There are very few hills worth dying on. I'd much rather live together with you, each journeying toward the Lord in love and grace, rather than trying to kill one another over the issue of the week.


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