Monday, January 16, 2017



Roots push down through soil, rich and loamy.
Years of decay and death now produce life as Roots absorb from the soil.
Descending down into darkness, they spread,
    search out for liquid treasure.
Pushing rocks aside, navigating around clay deposits,
    they snake through the blackness, always searching.
And then-
Mud: Thick, wet life, the smell permeating the atmosphere.
Small stones gently dance to the left, to the right,
    reverently letting Root pass by on its journey.
There it is.
The Spring, deep and bubbling.
Oxygenated life force, the Root breathes in deep.
More roots follow because Ground Breaker has made the way.
They follow The Water, and The Water gives Life.

Last weekend I had the honor and pleasure of attending a Kingdom Creativity conference. I attended a writing workshop and this poem was one of the results. I haven't written poetry in years and had forgotten how much I love it. I'm tagging this under Authenticity because it can be difficult for me to share something this personal. And I'm tagging it under Intentionality because I want to be more purposeful about writing for enjoyment and creativity's sake more often. I plan to post more like this, so I hope you enjoy it.


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